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BIM After Dark was created to bring together forward-thinking architects, engineers, and contractors to collectively develop our skills in Autodesk Revit and adjacent software.

We share a common goal of creating better presentation graphics, working more efficiently, and producing high-quality parametric models.  We will achieve our goal by sharing best-practices, helping each other work through problems, and motivating one another to expand our knowledge.   

What's Included?


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As a member of BIM After Dark you will have exclusive access to all of the following incredible content:

  • Full Length Courses
  • The "BAD" Residential Revit Template
  • Tutorial Sample Files
  • Community Office Hours

All with a supportive community of like-minded individuals willing to help one another become better architects, engineers, and contractors!

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Full Length Courses

BIM After Dark members receive access to all of our flagship courses and all of our future courses that will be added based on members interests and current trends in the industry.  

What will you learn?

The courses are self-paced but offer the ability to comment and ask questions on every lesson (or in a chat room designated specifically for that course) and you can track your progress in real-time.  Here's what you can expect to learn:


Are you tired of people telling you that BIM is not for presentations? That Autodesk® Revit® is only good for documentation? You spend hours developing a fully detailed building information model, why not show it off? Learn how to create beautiful, professional, and high quality presentations with your building information models.

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If you feel like you are not getting the return on investment you should be when using Revit® for construction documentation, look no further. Our "Documentation" course demonstrates just how efficient Revit® can be in the production phases of your projects. From setting up views to wall sections, this video series will teach you how to take full advantage of your Building Information Models.

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Family Creation

Do you have trouble finding the correct Revit® families online? If found, are those families the right size, material, or aesthetic? If you feel like you and your designs are limited due to lack of quality content then our "Family Creation" course is perfect for you. While creating a specific selection of real-world objects you will be introduced to the different tools and techniques of the family editor.

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What do others say about our Family Creation course?

"My favorite part of this series is the diversity of examples showcased. From the first example that shows a simple table you can buy at Ikea ... this series has plenty of practical examples to spark and maintain your interest. I love that about the series.”

- Paul F. Aubin, PaulAubin.com

DIY Dynamo

DIY Dynamo was created with the beginner in mind. After completing the course you will have created 16 real-world Dynamo scripts, discovered how to overcome common road blocks, understand the Dynamo mindset, and set the foundation required to solve the most complex problems using Dynamo. 

Click here to see a sample lesson extracted directly from our "DIY Dynamo" course...

What do others say about our DIY Dynamo course?

"Firstly I just wanted to thank you for another fantastic series of tutorials. I purchased and downloaded DIY Dynamo yesterday and watched last night - really enjoy how you focus on the architect/designers/Revit user perspective, rather than getting too into the coding of Dynamo like other tutorials do. Thank you for this...”

- Tim Greatrex, Architect

Hear what one of our members, Tom, had to say about "DIY Dynamo", a course that is exclusively available inside the BIM After Dark community:


The "Revit Road Map"

Follow our "Revit Road Map" to Level Up. The courses can be taken in any order you'd like.  But, if you are looking for some direction on how to approach the courses we suggest following our "Revit Road Map" to level up your skills.  

The "BAD" Residential Revit Template

So many of the Revit template examples and downloads available are focused on larger commercial projects. I wanted to create a streamlined, minimal, and effective template that was optimized for small-scale residential design and construction. This template will give you everything you need to quickly create a model and set of construction documents for your 400 square foot home additions... not your 4 million square foot hospitals!

Features of the Template:

  • Text notes, dimensions, schedules, line styles, and more that all look graphically compelling right out of the  box. 
  • ONLY the view templates, line styles, detail components, families, wall types, and just the content you NEED to start your single family residential projects in Revit.
  • Minimalist, "retro" style titleblocks and cover sheets built in. 
  • Schedules, key schedules, note blocks (with annotation families), and more to help you quickly generate your construction documents. 
  • A fully comprehensive sample project of a 400 SF addition with all views, sheets, details, and information included!  
  • A project browser that is simple to use and organize (as well as customize!). 
  • Graphic display settings for your 3D and 2D views that will improve the quality and comprehension of all of your Revit views.

What's Included in the template file..?

  • The "BAD" Residential Revit Template File:
    • Arch D Size Titleblocks and Cover Sheets
    • All of the basic system families needed for Residential Revit work
    • Schedules, Note Blocks, Views, Sheets, tags, and more setup right out of the box.
  • "Split Level Redux" Comprehensive Sample file (with all views, sheets, details, included).
  • PDF Documents of the Sample File to demonstrate final product. 
  • Real-time support with a community feed to ask questions, give feedback, and get updates on the template.

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Tutorial Sample Files

After 15 years of blogging and 1200+ tutorials, I am excited to have an environment in which I can carefully curate the mass amounts of content and provide exclusive information, like sample files, for members to access and follow along.  If you have been following The Revit Kid's Blog and thought to yourself "I wish I had that Revit file he used in that one tutorial...", now, you can!

Online Office Hours

Office hours are additional time for you to interact directly with me, Jeff (or a special guest from time to time).  The discussions are always based on member input.  Stuck on a certain lesson in a course?  Want to share a best-practice?  Have a random off-topic question for me?

Take a look inside what a Community Office Hour is like:



You've probably joined some Facebook groups and your questions got lost in the noise.  You've probably joined some forums and became overwhelmed with the variety of content, couldn't find what you needed, or got fed up with the spam.  As a member of BIM After Dark you become part of an unique online community. 

See what George, one of our members, has to say about his community experience...


Why is being part of an exclusive community so important?

  • Work through course content and connect with members who are working through the same lessons you are.  Collaborating to work through problems and motivating each other to complete the course.

  • Meet people who share your interests in Revit/BIM who live near you, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics within this little BIM world we live in.

  • Swap stories, best-practices, experiences, and ideas around our shared mission of collectively improving our Revit skills and BIM knowledge.

  • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

Meet more of our members...

What do others say?

Don't take it from me.  Here is what others have had to say about the content and courses you will have exclusive access to as a member of the BIM After Dark community:

The videos are easy to follow and very helpful. I feel like I can roll them out to my staff and know they aren't going to pick up any bad habits. I learned a couple of new tricks myself...”

- Rob, Minno and Wasko

"BIM After Dark offers the most comprehensive package of learning family creation I have ever seen. Which means it is probably the biggest and best one out there...”

- Alex Gore, Revit Furniture

"All the tips for using Revit in itself for enhancing the visual presentation, especially of plans and elevations - this is so practical for everyone at every level.”

- Anria, Autodesk Applications Specialist

"I like that you also include some practical design progression problems, like adjusting the ceiling perimeter and floor elements because you are confronted with them in the process of moving to CD's.”

- Steve Stafford, Revit OpEd

"...I especially appreciated the part where you showed how to enhance your rendered elevations the shadowed image to the rendering...”

- Natasha Narowski, Bergmann Associates

Why struggle with Revit alone?

Ask for help and feel the power of the BIM After Dark community.

We have all been there before.  Late at night, with a YouTube tutorial, three forum posts, and a blog post open, smashing our keyboards for the answer. 

"How do I do that in Revit?!"

You are not alone, anymore.